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The success of your organization stands or falls with your employees. But how do you bring in talented people?  

Our recruitment methodology will provide you with a complete overview of the candidates. We base our personality test on the DiSC model, which is the best-selling personality assessment that is transforming workplaces and recruitment everywhere. DiSC is an acronym that stands for the four main personality profiles described in the DiSC model: (D)ominance, (i)nfluence, (S)teadiness and (C)onscientiousness. 

More than 45 million people in 75 countries have used Everything DiSC to deepen their self-awareness, increase their appreciation of others, and improve their ability to work together to get things done.

By combining the personalized insights of DiSC model with active emotional intelligence, Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™, we will be able to map your potential candidates through your emotional and interpersonal requirements.

​You and the final candidates will know:

·    How instinctive mindsets shape natural responses and interactions

·    How to recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally, and produce more impactful outcomes

·    How to learn to meet the demands of any situation with agility

We want to built the future of your organization with you by recruiting the right candidate for your organization’s culture and values.  By mapping these behaviors and emotional intelligence, you will have better tools to make the right decisions for today and tomorrow…